Writing an abstract for a conference poster

There is a trend among some academics to slap a solid or-so word abstract right at the top of their posters.

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As a rule of thumb, your resolution for high-quality printing posters and images should be around dpi dots per inch. This gives you the format and institutional logos, and you simply need to modify the content.

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On-site printing eliminates travel hassles but does not allow much time for any problems that may arise. Mini candy bars are my pathetic thanks.

Provide the source of any image that is not yours. Careful preparation of your materials will dramatically improve how your work is received.

Writing an abstract for a conference poster

Abstract for a Case Study Title: Should be engaging but should also clearly describe the issue the case raises Authors and Affiliations: The most involved is first with the most senior last. Grab a piece of paper, or open up your design software, and make a first draft. The use of a bolded, larger font is sufficient for demarcating sections. Your thesis statement should be easy to find in a well-constructed abstract. Whereas a few select abstracts are typically selected for oral presentation usually 8—10 minutes followed by a short question-and-answer period , the majority of submitted abstracts will be assigned to poster sessions. It is important to thank those that contributed to your research, including your professor or supervisor, the institution and any funding-related sponsors you may have had. Add 3D images If you have three dimensional data or complex molecular structures examples ; more examples , make 3D images. It would be funny, plus would attract people to your poster who might not otherwise care at all. Just download, adjust the dimensions if you need to , and start typing. Keep length to approximately words. Step 3 — Design Negative space. Also note: unlike a manuscript for a journal, the introduction of a poster is a wonderful place to display a photograph or illustration that visually communicates some aspect of your research question. Open in a separate window In any abstract, it is particularly important to focus on the title as it is often the only item people will look at while scanning the meeting program or wandering through the poster session.

Additionally, these types of presentations may be looked on with more favor by people reviewing your CV who are not intimately familiar with the world of palliative care.

Add hidden panels If you have information that only some viewers might find interesting, use a hidden panel approach. Case Description: The most common mistake is to present too much information in this section.

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For example, title case 2 below and all caps 3 below obscure such information. Add odors If your topic is related to olfaction, try to get the odor onto your poster somehow. What goes on the poster? See the resources linked below for more tips on presenting various aspects of your poster content. In fact, one study found that visual appeal was more important than content for knowledge transfer. Leave blank space and use colors judiciously. Be sure and include short descriptions of your images so that readers will know exactly how each image relates to the study. Format your Literature cited contents carefully. The abstract should 1 describe the problem that prompted your research, 2 explain your approach to the problem, and 3 outline of the scope of your project.

You can also opt to make the drawing on a card that matches the size of your meeting ID, and then attach with tape on back.

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Writing the Poster Abstract