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The suggested word limit is just that. But those of you who assign writing know that poor grammar and mechanics can often interfere with those considerations, requiring us to deal with lower-order concerns first during the conference.

Writing myths

Pick me! This is a run-on, too, right? JOHN: That should be easy enough to find. Reality: Yes, you can. Sure, once upon a time when writers had only pen and paper, or typewriters if they milked their family for money, they were alone when they labored away at their works of literary art. Both comments and pings are currently closed. Reality: By all means have an outline, but editing and revising are a natural part of the writing process. JOE: Run-ons?

This will only result in a confusion of opinions. She talked about formatting phone books. Reality: No.

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And so, in the interest of clearing up any misunderstandings, we thought we might tackle several of these myths in an ongoing series directed at the professors here at SAU. More words are better than less. JOE: Not really. All you must do to become a good writer is to write, write, write, study the craft, practice the craft, then write some more. I'm not sure what will convince people immersed in Charles Dickens and Edgar Allen Poe and Chaucer and Emily Dickinson, who are writing about deconstructionism and feminism and the intersection of Shakespearian influences on postmodern authors, etc. This is a run-on, too, right? While she spoke of layout and design for banal texts, other professors ignited us with literary ideas. Always, our emphasis is on helping the student identify and, as time permits during the conference, implement tools for strengthening his or her own paper. You don't have to create an entire user manual. The pace of learning can be compressed into a very short time period, or it can drawn out over a life time.

Just give your potential employer some evidence of your capability. Are you out of inspiration and lacking enthusiasm?

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Okay, your next mark, down by this next paragraph. All writing has voice. Writing is something that is only learned on the go, not beforehand, and results only come from doing the work.

While I agree that you can single source online help to a software manual, the idea gets taken too far.

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